To our current subscribers re the broken link in your email notification!! 20th April 2018 – Posted in: News and Events, Our food and drinks – Tags: , , , , , , , ,

There was a small issue with the email link to our previous blog post entitled, ‘Can drinking coffee actually be good for you?’ which our regular subscribers will have been aware of….ie when they clicked the link in their email notification it did not link to the rest of the post.

This has now been fixed and was a simple issue due to a system update and the good news is that the full blog post can now be read online. Simply scroll down to the post published before this one.


I will now share something with you here……As many of you may be aware, I know that I have mentioned it once or twice before, I am not too savvy with the techy stuff and am not sure how to resend that email notification manually. Thinking outside the box, and being a woman not prepared to admit defeat, I have come up with a cunning plan…………. I am simply posting this mini blog post as the system will automatically send it out as email. ( I am meeting with my web designer soon so will have a little lesson on this!!!!)  # awkward #slightly embarrassing # clever-girl #hope-it-works

I thought that the original Daily Mail article was an interesting read and hope that you enjoy the blog post too and next time you pop into the shop try out our decaffeinated coffee for yourself.