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Afternoon Tea Voucher

Sunday March 26th 2017 is the day that we are reminded that we need to say a big thank you to our mums, nans, grandmas, aunties, sisters, godmothers or any special female that has been there for us in some capacity in our lives. It could be a special friend who has held our hand and given us advice to steer us through a difficult time or it may simply be that we just want to do something nice for that person.

There are so many ways to do this and Rayleigh has a great selection of gift shops, florists, restaurants, beauty salons and though it pains me just a little to say it great coffee shops too !!!! but this variety and choice is what helps to make our town so lovely to live in.

Of course I may be a little biased here but I think afternoon tea is the perfect present.

What I like about the idea of afternoon tea is that it is quintessentially English and perfect for a girly catch up. It is also something that gives you an excuse to get together, especially if you do not see each other often, and allows you a couple of hours to sit and have a laugh and even put the world to rights.



Mothers Day Gift Voucher


Inside the voucher

We have designed a lovely A5 size voucher which is presented in a white envelope and I  think any lady would be pleased to open this on March 26th.

Back in March 2015 I wrote an article about the history of afternoon tea on my column in The Rayleigh Review Magazine and you can view the full article in the online versions at  just look for the March 2015 edition and then go to page 12

A simple explanation of how afternoon tea came to be is that it is widely believed to be Anna, the Duchess of Bedford who back in 1840 felt the need for a small meal before dinner which was often not eaten till 8pm at night. She asked her maid to bring her a tray with some buttered bread, a small cake and some tea. As time went by she invited close friends to join her  as so the idea caught on. By the late 1880s society ladies made a point of dressing for the occasion and it was the perfect opportunity to show off their wealth with the very best china and glassware. Gradually fillings were included in the bread and cut into dainty sizes and afternoon tea became a very popular and enjoyable past time. There would not have been the choices of teas that we expect today but Ceylon and Indian tea were readily available.


Three tier plate

Our afternoon tea is very traditional. It consists of a selection of freshly made sandwiches on a choice of breads with a scone with Tiptree  Strawberry Jam and a generous pot of double cream and a slice of one of our homemade cakes per person plus unlimited tea or coffee and we have about forty loose leaf teas and pure arabica coffees to choose from. My top tip is a pot of Darjeeling with your afternoon tea no milk and even no lemon. It is lighter and almost like an after dinner digestive which makes you taste the flavours of the sandwiches so much better.

All our teas and coffees are available to buy in the shop.

Remember if you do decide to visit Squires for one of our afternoon teas on March 26th make sure you book your table as soon as possible.

Happy Mothering Sunday