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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday Article

I am feeling somewhat sad this week. As many of you will be aware The Rayleigh Review Magazine will no longer be published. It was a huge and very difficult decision to come to for Paul Dunt, the editor, of this brilliant magazine but as he said in his editorial in this months edition,

‘increasing competition for a finite amount of advertising and the sheer amount of time it takes to produce a publication of this quality means that I’ve had to take the difficult decision to close.’


From the editor

I started to write my monthly food column in the third edition of the Review which was in January 2015 and have honestly loved every minute of it coming up with ideas and subjects that I thought would be fun and interesting to write about. I know that my hubby loved coming home on occasion to be told as with that first February Valentines Day article that there was a three course dinner on the way but we would have to eat it in stages as I needed to take photos of the finished dishes first. My ‘photography studio’ was my kitchen, lighting was supplied by younger daughter standing on a dining room chair angling her bedside lamp above the finished dishes and me preening them with ‘helpful ‘ suggestions from hubby!!!!

Needless to say as time went on I honed this skill and approached it a little differently!!!!!!

With my recipes I decided from the outset to never publish one with out double checking the quantities and steps in the method. I am proud to say that I double checked each one every time and only ever had good feedback on them.


Banana and Nutella Cake

I am sad that it is over but it has been lovely to receive so many messages these last few days from people telling me they will miss it. Just yesterday a lovely lady stopped me in Sainsburys to say hello. She had written to me after one of my articles, which was a Fathers Day one, where I had talked about food that my dad cooked and the history of a particular salad dish that he had made since I was a child. It was a simple dish of celery, apple and sultanas bound in salad cream….never mayonnaise. Whilst to my family it is simply dads salad dish I had asked him the origin of it as it is really like a poor mans Waldorf salad. He told me he had had something similar as a child when he and his brothers were treated to tea at one of the famous Lyons Corner House Cafes in London and that this was his mums version. My article evoked fond memories to this lovely lady of trips she had made to London with her husband who has sadly passed away. For me as a writer that is so fulfilling to hear that my words reached her in such a way.

I will carry on with my writing. I have had several articles in the Echo newspaper and have my own website  as I just love writing and am working on building up the copywriting side of things so welcome any enquiries about writing projects.

As Paul said in that final editorial about a quote he had seen in a cafe in America,


‘Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.’