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How It All Began…

Windsor CastleBack in the early 1990’s ….. Once upon a time there was a young woman who dreamed of running her own business. She went to college, studied hard and dreamed about taking over the world (well a little bit of Essex anyway).

At the same time a young man, totally oblivious to this, was enjoying the single life at sea studying the various Dutch drinking hostelries that he came across during his work. He also was researching, purely for his own interests, how little sleep he could survive on.

Then one fateful day their paths crossed on The Love Boat, well The Dutch passenger line Olau that ran from Kent to Holland. The young man looked very dapper in his oh so flattering barman’s uniform and the young woman was a picture in her ‘A’ line cut waitresses outfit. (Remember it was the late 1980’s and they were both sooo young) Over the following weeks and months he pursued her relentlessly until finally, when she could resist no more, they went on a date. Not just any date but a special one to Windsor. (Well she was a bit posh or so the Scouse bloke thought). They went on a magical date rowing on a beautiful lake. (Really. There is photographic proof which can be purchased for the right amount.)

The sun shone high in the sky, time stood still as they talked for hours and hours. Her past, his past, her dreams, his dreams until with a goose pimply shiver they discovered that it had been their destiny to meet!!!!

They shared the same dream…to run a business and even more unbelievable to run a coffee shop.

She dreamed of homemade cakes, contented customers and no overdraft and he dreamed of mates popping in to support his ‘cafe bar ‘ with perhaps one or two cakes nestling in the chiller cabinet amongst the varied beer choices and working as hard as he did on that boat!!!!

So a plan was hatched and soon afterwards Squires as we know it today was born.

Why the name Squires?

rioja-300It would certainly be true to say that the name Squires fits with the history of the building of a time gone by. But the truth is that Squires is co owned by a Scouse bloke with a terrible memory for names.

Ask him what coffee you had when you came in three months ago, and believe me some of our customers do, and he will probably remember it but ask him the date of his wedding anniversary or the names of the long suffering ladies in the kitchen and he gets that blank look on his face.

When the young woman originally met that young man all those years ago Squire was a regular part of his mantra. ‘Hello Squire, fancy a beer Squire, how is it all going Squire and so on.

So whist brainstorming for a name for this venture, over an excellent bottle of Rioja, it was a unanimous decision by those assembled that we go with the obvious.

So back in May 1996 Squires opened its doors for the very first time and the rest as they say is history.