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Rayleigh Mill Rotary Event at Rayleigh Museum

Last week Rayleigh Mill Rotary Club held an awareness event at the museum in the High Street. Running over several days it was part of a nation wide awareness drive to raise the profile of Rotary Clubs within local towns. As Rayleigh is lucky to have a local museum it was felt that it would be the perfect location to hold this as much of the display explained the history of Rotary itself which is…

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Where have all the salad vegetables gone?!

It has been widely reported in the national press this week that we are suffering a shortage of everyday salad items such as Iceberg lettuces and courgettes amongst many other things. We are quite cossetted in this country as things like this never happen here as we expect to be able to go to our local supermarket and buy pretty much want we want when we want. I am not too old to remember the…

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