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The Perfect Mothering Sunday Treat

Sunday March 26th 2017 is the day that we are reminded that we need to say a big thank you to our mums, nans, grandmas, aunties, sisters, godmothers or any special female that has been there for us in some capacity in our lives. It could be a special friend who has held our hand and given us advice to steer us through a difficult time or it may simply be that we just want…

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Where have all the salad vegetables gone?!

It has been widely reported in the national press this week that we are suffering a shortage of everyday salad items such as Iceberg lettuces and courgettes amongst many other things. We are quite cossetted in this country as things like this never happen here as we expect to be able to go to our local supermarket and buy pretty much want we want when we want. I am not too old to remember the…

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Our Brunches, Loose leaf Teas and Arabica Coffees

Did you know that Squires has a great brunch menu including of course our cooked traditional breakfasts and the very popular Squires Special….a toasted white muffin, topped with melted cheese, tomatoes and bacon but we also offer Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale which are proving to be very popular. Again on a base of a lightly toasted white muffin either with bacon or smoked salmon along with poached eggs and a smooth and silky Hollandaise…

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